Lowest Cost Reasoning

We pride ourselves as having the best spray-lining material at the lowest cost. Our products are sprayed with the highest thickness in the industry, and the tensile strength of our coatings has been measured at over 4,000 psi. With such a high tensile strength you will never have spray-lining complaints that are typical in the industry - complaints about cracking or breaking even under extreme circumstances. We make sure that our spray-lining materials have been reviewed and tested before using them in the real world to coat your deck/boat/floor.

Our spray-lining formula has proven itself to be the best in the business time and time again. Our special formula has allowed us to provide a spray-lining product that can be tailored to your application (whether you need an anti-stick, slip-proof, etc. texture), reduces waste product when spraying, and is extremely environmentally friendly. We have also created a manufacturing process which reduces costs. This in turn allows us to provide lower costs for applicators which translates to lower costs for you.

Product Specifications

  • Part A-Clear: Our renowned Crystal Clear liquid which cures to make an extremely hard bond.
  • Part A-Color: 80% as hard as the clear - any color required and exact matching available.
  • Part A-Color-F: the flexible equivalent of Part A. Perfect for situations where durability and flexibility are required. 60% of the hardness of Part A and is highly flexible when cured.
  • Part B: Part B is the activator/binder for any version of Part A.
  • Part B-F: this is the flexible version of Part B, and equivalent in flexibility as Part A-F. We create this with a special blend of high quality poly powders.

Poly Powder - Part C

During the cure cycle these strong solids are remanufactured from cured, strong, flexible, polyurea materials. They are frozen then crunched and cryogenically processed to create microscopic grain sized particles that are 100% soluble with Spray-Lining Parts A & B. The core is accelerated and becomes more adhesive for a fast drying protective coating that won't release.

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Email: info@seattle-spraylining.com

Spray-Lining Complaints can be prevented

By reading the Spray-Lining Complaints Prevention Guide available at eBay Motors, Parts & Accessories. This guide was designed to inform businesses & consumers of who & what is Spray-Lining ™ , a manufacturer of Polyurea Hybrids, Pure Polyurea, other industrial Poly Hybrids, Urethanes, Polyurethanes & Epoxies.

They train & certify all dealers with verifiable certification number's which include name, address & contact info on each applicator. Any time Rhino Linings, Spray-Lining, Line-X or similar Phony names are used without clear, easy to confirm documentation, it's a Spray-Lining Scam! Experts of this industry, are witness to many Spray Lining Complaints.

Certain suppliers experience dissatisfied customers and contractors that refer to their poorly sprayed Rhino Spray Lining are not referring to Spray-Lining or Rhino Linings at all. They mean the applicator only, who is at fault not their vendor. Many reported cases of Spray-Lining scams and other similar complaints can be avoided simply be ensuring the applicator is certified by your spray lining manufacturer. References to a website spray-linings.com which doesn't exist is not either of these companies. Spray-lining is a high quality polyurethane/polyurea hybrid product using its strong business model to focus on serious application support that beats competitors like Line-X, Scorpion Coatings, Speedliner, Rhino Linings, and Xtreme Liners.

All professional-grade formulas of spray lining materials are made with high quality controls to avoid customer complaints about the quality. That's the job for recognized industry leaders. It's your job to verify you’re buying from legit applicators that use formulas, equipment and training provided by these legit vendors.

A few competitors who do not use Spray-Lining tried some unproven, doubtful controversies. These show up as long winded stories with fake names, dramatic but false information aimed at convincing others against decent companies, not only Spray-Lining™ but certain Rhino Linings dealers who use these same formulas. Even Line-X dealers stray from their parent vendor using the Bullet Spray Lining product. Because these products and equipment are expensive and require real training, an angry contractor apparently must sling a bit of mud by complaining that there is some type of scam as opposed to spraying a truly durable coating thru a high quality Polyurea-Type System.

Other Methods to Prevent Spray-Lining Complaints - Complaints about Polyurea Spray-lining

HOW TO PREVENT ANY SPRAY-LINING COMPLAINTS: Spray-Lining™ or other recognized professional brands are the only Polyurea or Hybrids that work. Period. These brands can be verified by literally inspecting the labels on containers used by your applicator, and checking their licenses, certifications & credibility through references or referral. As for DIY, most but not all DIY coating formulas are designed for use by an average consumer with little education. For any high grade material to function it requires more than just buying the title, "truck bed liner or "professional coating".

Product specs should be available plus detailed information from people that know your specific needs, are available, can answer all your questions and really care about producing a high quality job. Without knowledgeable, human support & clear product specs, you can suffer the DIY or Professional, "Spray-Lining SCAM"!

Helping determine the RIGHT Spray Lining

Complaints of Spray Lining and positive reviews have been posted here:

As a manager at Cutter Honolulu Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram most spray lining complaints are misrepresentation on company names:
- Lava Lining complaints are that they’re using Line-X which is false. I know the Line-X spray-on Lining dealer on the Big Island; only Line-X can apply Spray-Lining formulas, reviewed by them. Pamalu in Honolulu told me last year that Spray-on Lining products can be similar but I learned Pamalu was the best.
- the most fraudulent scam is the Rhino spray- lining called Rhino Lining of Oahu Honolulu has zero reviews and no BBB rating: http://www.bbb.org/hawaii/business-reviews/auto-services/rhino-linings-honolulu-in-honolulu-hi-5001005
- Last, before you get confused I found www.hawaiispraylining.com AND www.spray-lininghawaii.com. I know the first shows Marvel Industrial Coatings Inc as a supplier but in the website it states: Armadillo Spray Lining And Protective Coating. Well the one with a dash between Spray and Lining really uses that vendor.

There were no Hawaii Spray Lining complaints with Armadillo Liners or Marvel or whatever their name is so no "bad" reviews were found. From the actual Spray-Lining Hawaii they seem to handle big applications of polyurea. One more copy of them are http://spraylinerhi.com/ whos website says little. Overall, if you buy a truck or jeep from Cutter Honolulu Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, we'd recommenced Pamalu since they have used "real" Spray-Lining (I called them to verify) , polyurea and had experience from Lava Lining before Lava developed complaints and poor reviews. Most important to prevent your own spray-on lining complaint: Verify the actual polyurea formula, check to see it’s a real polyurea on the MSDS specs, confirm that your applicator scuffs the paint, uses adhesion pro motor and/or primer, then inspect their work for thickness of the lining: over 100 mils; at least 1/10th inch thick can be measured. I haven't read this guide to spray-lining scams but it seems worth a read. This will help you decide on a sprayed lining.