Job Photos & Descriptions

Beautiful deck coating job can be done on many different deck surfaces. The coating is not only waterproof, increasing the life of the deck, but it is also slip-proof. This greatly increases the safety of the deck for kids, pets, and the whole family.
Thick deck coatings can be done in any texture desired. Thick applications ensure longevity and durability including impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and erosion from nature and chemical/liquid spills.

Spray-lining is applied to a boat hull. The slick, cured coating increases gas fuel efficiency due to reduced friction when cutting through the water, hull stays crack and leak free, and makes the hull resistant to aquatic life sticking to it and ruining a gorgeous finish. Add hardness to exterior hull, crystal clear, all colors, softer interior hull floor - lighter than aluminum, stronger than fiberglass, best anti-fouling ability & run-a-ground protection.

Inner boat flooring can also be coated. The coating adds a non-slip surface to improve safety especially when boating during bad weather/turbulent situations. The non-slip surface also makes the boat floor easy to clean and protects against UV damage from long periods of exposure to the sun.

Industrial scale jobs such as pipes seen in this picture can also benefit from a spray-lining coating. The coating provides resistance to corrosion, greatly increasing the pipe's lifespan and reducing maintenance requirements to virtually zero.
Coating a warehouse's floor is a must as seen in this picture. Create the perfect anti-slip surface for workers' safety and reduce the time needed for cleaning the floor by over 50%!

Clear sealing coating - before and after picture of a wooden dock. Our crystal clear waterproof coatings not only guarantee that your wooden dock will be protected from water damage, but also insect infestation (termites, ants, etc.) also.

Most jobs are available for same day completion by Northwest Coating and Lining Service.

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