About Your Asset

Northwest Coating and Lining Service specializes in all types of spray lining jobs - from large, unique applications to truck beds and garage floors. Our parent company Spray-Lining has certified us in applying polyurea, poly-hybrids, polyurethanes, epoxies, polyaspartics, aliphatics, and fiberglass. This means that we have are knowledgeable and prepared to undertake virtually any type of coatings job.

One of our main focuses is marine-related jobs like yachts, docks, boat hulls, ferries, and decks. With our location being so close to the Puget Sound, we find these applications to be requested most often. With Spray-Lining we have branched out to applications like truck beds, trailers, garage floors, decks, and unique solutions requiring serious tech support.

Northwest Coating and Lining Service also offers the same amazing lifetime unconditional warranty that Spray-Lining pioneered - a warranty unmatched by any other linings and coatings company in the world. Our coatings are always of the highest specification, as well as in any texture you desire (soft, hard, rubbery, orange-peel, anti-stick, high friction, and more) to match any necessary requirements that can vary from job to job. We have never received any complaints about the quality of our spray-lining product - we deliver the highest quality coatings consistently time after time.

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Phone: 877-426-7998
Email: info@seattle-spraylining.com