We specialize in spray linings and coatings of all types. We are located near Seattle, WA and service the area around and including the Greater Seattle area. We have worked with many boats, docks, and other marine equipment in Commencement Bay, Gig Harbor, Puget Sound, around Anderson Island, and even Carr Inlet.

Our main applications involve coating jobs for decks, boats, floors, and other specialty coating applications. We also work with more common coating jobs like truck beds and trailers. No job is too small for Northwest Coating and Lining Service - we have you covered no matter the application.

In addition, we also offer spray on clear paint protection coating. Our spray on clear coating is more durable and versatile than stick on tape products such as 3M Ventureshield. There are also other cheap paint protection film products like ClearMask and ClearBra that are marketed as a cheaper alternative to the originator 3M Ventureshield. Our spray on clear lasts longer than 3M Ventureshield and is more affordable than both ClearMask and ClearBra; giving you the best of both worlds. Our spray on clear protection coating is also covered under our lifetime unconditional warranty, just like the rest of our coating products. It is a simple choice - we offer the best product at the best price.

Phone: 844-440-9980
Email: info@seattle-spraylining.com